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The principal partner of any community development initiative is the community itself. All interventions aimed at the community necessitate the involvement of this partner from initiation to ultimate ownership of the initiative. This is ensured by community mobilization and encouraging to contribute a part of the expenses incurred for the project in cash or kind. Partnering with the community is through mechanisms such as participatory rural appraisals wherein the community is involved in understanding their current situation, identifying and prioritizing their needs and preparing development plans.

Institutionalization and strengthening of community-based organizations (village institutions like pani samithi, User groups and gram sabha) is of utmost importance. Various training programs such as leadership building, awareness / exposure visits, training in management of finances, project implementation training ensure that the community is able to both release and realize its potential. This participatory approach is key to the concept of sustainable development. Engaging with and support to the key community is a well-established process and includes:

  • Understanding their need

  • Prioritization of programs

  • Networking and partnering

  • Community development programs

  • Listening and learning

  • Sensitization of employees

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